Natural Hair AIN’T Professional!

Since today is Thursday, I decided to open up with a controversial issue that seems to have been swept under the rug after it surfaced. You read it, natural hair ain’t professional (yes I used the word ain’t).

I was once a creamy crack addict until I started to feel my natural hair sprout from my scalp, then all of a sudden I had a desire to transition my hair to its natural state (BUT THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT MY TRANSITIONING JOURNEY, LET ME CUT STRAIGHT TO THE CHASE).


Many women of color are truly starting to embrace their natural hair, and as more women decide to do so, they are receiving an extreme amount of backlash in the workplace. I know as a WOC I would prefer to wear my hair as I please so long as it is appropriate for the environment I am in a specific time. My slapping a headband on my natural hair and going to work is considered inappropriate! What is so inappropriate about natural hair? Essence quoted how some companies refer to natural hair as “unbecoming and unprofessional in some workplaces, but HONESTLY, these companies have more ISSUES than VOGUE than to be worried about natural hair. Los Angeles attorney and author Tracy Sanders outlines your rights as woman with natural hair in her featured book, “Natural Hair in the Workplace: What are your rights?”. It was designed to help women understand federal and state laws guiding discrimination and other illegal issues in the workplace.


So, ladies and gents, think twice before throwing a fit about your boss or supervisor telling you that your natural hair is inappropriate? I suggest reading upon your rights as an employee and filing complaints/grievances as needed according to the guidelines set forth in the workplace’s policy. I do want you to keep in mind that it is ESSENTIAL to read and often go back to refresh your mind on the workplace policy because you never know, the FINE print may consist of guidelines and/or regulations for appearance that include how hair is to be worn.

The cup is empty, BlackCoffeeee



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