Culture Vulturesssss

Yes I said it! Culture Vultures! Hello welcome to Black Coffee where it’s Controversial Thursday! Today I decided to spill about Cultural Appropriation. Okay as a black woman who has worn her hair in many styles from a younger age up until now on down to the style of clothes I wear and things I say, I find it offensive when I run into people of other races or ethnicities taking my style (from my Black Heritage) to transform it into something totally different. 

Culture appropriation occurs when an individual(s) take certain elements from a different culture for any other purpose than to show appreciation for that culture. For example, many people are wearing Dashikis for fashion while some people are wearing them for appreciation. 

It gets even worse when the same individuals who have degraded a race of people for wearing certain hairstyles, go and take those same hairstyles, wear them, BUT change the name of them to something different, YET IT IS STILL THE SAME STYLE! Who are you kidding? Yourself. 

Exhibit A, baby hairs was clearly a hairstyle element used within the Black culture, but some people called it ghetto….. yet a “privileged” individual can wear it and it be considered “higg fashion”, you vibing now? 

**Sighs** There is a CLEAR ISSUE with cultural appropriation and each year it seems to get worser. I understand the world is only so big and that some cultures spill over into the next, but when does BORROWING becomes STEALING. Culture vultures exist and they are clearly out to steal what is not theirs to begin with. 

It is up to us to EDUCATE people on the importance of all elements of our cultures! When people KNOW then they will understand the uniqueness of what separates one culture from the next and begin to APPRECIATE those elements. 

The cup is empty, Black Coffee🖤☕️ 



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