From one Fishbowl to the NEXT!


Well, as someone who graduated high school 6 years ago (2011), the transition from high school to college was nerve wrecking. It’s like going from one fishbowl to the next, but in this particular fishbowl, I was the little fish at the bottom longing to get to the top. 

In this particular post, I just wanted to share a few preparation tips that I, too utilized in preparing myself for the TRANSITION (tran-zishun). 

First, I made sure I was fully accepted into the university I wanted to attend. Makes no sense to prep if I have not been accepted. Secondly, I made sure all my ducks were in a row (i.e. secured financial aid). Thirdly, I packed up all my belongings and brought them with me on move-in day! 

Uhhh! No, it’s not that simple.

So, that was my experience in a nutshell, but here are the REAL USEFUL TIPS.

1. Make sure all your school stuff is situated. (i.e., application fees, acceptance, housing [if needed], financial aid, scholarships, etc.)

2. Google is your best friend! Use it, google does not mind. Many people have fancy dorm rooms, but the amount of money spent to decorate a dorm room can be used toward a textbook. I suggest keeping it simple and comfortable. 

3. Tuition and fees usually covers you being able to use computer labs and printing as much as you choose, but I find it easier to have your own computer or laptop because these places fill up easy. 

4. Make sure you bring your own groceries to college upon moving in! It is cool to want fast food, but guess what!? Money spent on fast food could be definitely used to pay a lab fee or something!

5. Take advantage of SOCIAL MEDIAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (I think) are booming with people who may have something in common with you such as YOU ARE ATTENDING THE SAME UNIVERSITY! Use hashtags that may help you find someone who may be coming to the university and begin to share your transition with the next person! Trust me, both of you may have the same questions or concerns about starting college. You may find someone with the same major as you. It helps you get to know people before you even start college. 

These were just a few tips on preparing for college. Everybody’s transition will not be smooth but it is okay to gain insight into the how-to’s and what-if’s of transitioning to college. 

The cup is empty, Black Coffee🖤☕️


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