Where’s the UMPH?

Sometimes, we see a small object or something that may stimulate us and get us going. That is a feeling of inspiration when such an object or concept can get your wheels turning. What happens when that sudden inspiration fades? 


As someone who gets easily inspired by the little things, I want to build on what inspires me at a moment’s notice, hence blogging. I enjoy blogging, it gives my readers a piece of me to share with them. However, it is easy to become uninspired when things do not go as we expect. I do expect people to get a good read in when they visit my blog, but I also expected my blog to boom. It has not boomed yet, so I have been a little uninspired lately to write, but something happened. I did something for myself to become inspired again, and that was go back to the purpose of blogging. It is something I LOVE to do and it gives me JOY. See, I was too busy focusing on the external when my insides were yearning for me to get back to the central reason I began blogging. 

I believe the message of my testimony of becoming uninspired can be related to many other testimonies of others. I think we get so caught up in moving fast and trying to keep up with other things that we forget it is a process. For all my readers who aspire to become authors, athletes, successful business folks, and so forth, realize that wanting to do all those things are an inspiration in itself. The excitement of getting up each day to do what you want, but love doing what you want to do is inspirational, even when it does not seem so. Do not spend time comparing yourself to those who may have reached their goals, because at the end of the day, you are on your way to your full potential. Be inspired to become an inspiration.

The cup is empty, Black Coffee.



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