5 Reasons Why Black Lives Don’t Matter

At first, I was not going to post this blog post BUT I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to share my opinions, and I’m sure other people can vouch for some of these as well. 5 Reasons Black Lives Don’t Matter does not HAVE TO DO WITH ANOTHER RACE… here’s why…

not serious


We preach this we preach that but half the time we do it for show and for credit for saying such things. We can’t preach anti-racism sentiment but we turn around and do the same thing because it was done to us. We have to RISE above it!



2. We are KILLING ourselves

Well, it is true. Before someone goes off the whim about black on black crime, do note that I am saying the defense of Black on Black crime does not justify the killing of any Black person by someone of a different race (sighs, glad I got that out the way). No, what I am saying is, the rate of Black on Black crime has gone up over the years. The violence HAS to STOP! We killing each other over stuff that we can’t even take to the grave with us. It’s NOT WORTH IT!


3. Crabs in a BUCKET

Baby we LIVE! No no no no noooooooooooo, there is no WE! Why? Because some of us cannot stand the success of our peers. I yearn for the day we can all say congratulations without any underlying feelings of jealousy or adversity, or whatever. We would rather hold each other down, or better yet put each other down so far that we become crabs in a bucket. We have to learn how to clap our hands for the next person. We all want to make it in life, but why does it hurt so bad to see the next person wanting to do the same? Someone may say, well who created the bucket, which is another argument for another day.



4. We Do Not VALUE Ourselves!

As a young girl, I was brought up in the church where I was taught to LOVE everyone unconditionally. I was also taught to value myself on all levels, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why is it that some of us appear not to care about ourselves? I feel like some of us take for granted the very air we breathe let alone appreciating the fact that we have lungs to breathe. Some of us carry ourselves in a negative light. We eat, breathe, and sleep the stereotypes! Just because you’re Black does not mean you’re not human. We have to take care of ourselves.


5. And to be real….we some LAZY folks.

I just mentioned stereotypes in my previous opinion BUT I will say some Black people just lazy. We fight against racism, discrimination, prejudice, but we also EXPECT since these things “supposedly” don’t exist, we want things to be handed to us. I think sometimes we forget that if we want to be treated equally, we STILL have work to do. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, am not looking for a handout. I want to work my way up to say I deserved it. Yes, we run into obstacles, but that’s just resistance.

I was inspired to write this post because I honestly believe that Black Lives Matter could be something wayyyy bigger than what it is, but us Black folks (including myself), we have to clean up our acts. We need to dust off our front porch and stop worrying about someone else’s. I support the message of Black Lives Matter, no doubt. However, I will not turn a blind eye to the problems in my own village.

The cup is empty, Black Coffee.


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