Feminist Movement of the Decade?

Sooo.. there’s this walk that has been considered the feminist movement of the decade…


I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a nude picture of Amber Rose, which did not surprise me by far. Then I noticed the amount of comments under the picture and I was like, I bet these comments full of thirsty men BUT to my surprise, many people were praising her because apparently her nude picture was a reflection of her upcoming Amber Rose Slut-Walk. 

Amber Rose Slut-Walk? Yes, same thing I said. Initially I’m like what in the foolery is a Slut-Walk, why does this exist, and who is responsible?

Well, the Amber Rose Slut-Walk is a walk dedicated towards breaking down gender stereotypes. The walk is catered t1435605795737o women of all demographics, where they can participate in the slut-walk by wearing whatever they please. The main point Amber Rose is trying to make is that women ought to be able to wear what they want without being stigmatized by societal labels or otherwise becoming victimized.


Amber Rose also sponsors the Slut-Walk for her own personal experiences. Everyone knows Amber Rose is a beautiful, fine woman, therefore she takes pride in flaunting her body however she wants, even if it includes her being nude. Amber Rose, who also is a victim of slut-shaming says it is time to put an end to shaming women based on what they wear or how they look. But she also has added that women are no less than men and should be able to do what men can do, thus breaking down the double-standard….

Now personally, that is where I draw the line. Just because men do it, does not necessarily mean women should do it. However, us as women should embrace who we are and understand our purpose. We were not put on Earth to compete with the complexities of men.

I’m all for empowering women to stand up against derogatory labeling, and stigmatization, slut-shaming, etc. however, there is a way to go about doing it without making it seem like women can be just like men. I also add that, I am against victimizing women and labeling them based on their appearance. Just because she is wearing it does not mean she wants the D and that is just real. However, we cannot control what people think until they interact with us. That’s just the way it is.

However, I applaud Amber Rose for taking such a huge step, and standing up for what she believes in. And with that being said….

The cup is empty, Blk Coffeeee.


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